last outcome

Impact of technology and technical developments:
the impact of technology has helped an animator to be more skilled, by using the web to promote their work and the opportunity to develop their skills by using software such as flash and 3D max ( in animations with camera and lighting) and Maya and Blender. Theses allow the user to turn 2D in to 3D.
Legal and statutory controls:
“While you are free to use copyrighted material for influence, direction and inspiration, you cannot create works that could be considered as infringing on the original piece”
 is only an extension of the use of an idea that maybe yours, This doesn’t give you the right to own the original idea,
basically you cant earn money from it since it wasnt yours to begin with  you can’t make money off it or call it yours. but if it was yours from the get go then you still will have to copyright it so nobody else will earn money from your work without  doing anything.
Non disclosures: 
are in place so if you are hired by a 3rd party or if you hire people then you or they cant discuss the work that goes on which  is confidential which has only to be spoken between the two parties.
Health and Safety issues:
loose unkept wires
PAT testing
RSI injuries
Fire drills
If youre free lancing its up to you to make sure that everything has been checked and certified for use.
Business and financial support organisations:
Scottish enterprise (for small business and free-lance):
One-to-one business advice and market intelligence
Workshops for small groups of companies
Large-scale events across all of mainland Scotland
What they can do for a business.
New customers and collaborators in Scotland and overseas
Market intelligence
Funding opportunities
Information on what others in your industry are saying
Industry and professional associations:
Industry body representing and connecting everyone who works in digital Britain.
The websites i used


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